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Love it! (5 star review)
By tdbmsw - Apr. 14, 2011

My 6 year old loves to use this app. She is very independent and does not like mom's help when reading. With this app she can read easily on her own. She gets the help she needs while feeling proud and capable at the same time. Thanks Reading Machine!

Missing Link! (5 star review)
By Muskrat Keough - Version 1.1 - Oct. 15, 2011

This app is phenomenal! This is the missing link for my child. My child is autistic and over the years we have spent thousands of dollars on reading programs delivered as software or paper. None of these programs ever forced my child to pay attention to letter sequence nor did it force him to listen to the syllable sound out. This program does. The best thing is he can push the button a 1000 times during the sound out and the program ignores that input. I love this feature along with the ability to set the rate of the sound out. The only thing that I wish for is a larger database of sounded words for the 2nd grade level books that he is reading like the fly guy series. While most words are in the database a few are not. The words that are not sounded out are not as clear as the ones that are. Thank you so very much for this wonderful app. It has already led to improvement far beyond what I expected. I wish you could have witnessed the transformation from August to October that I have seen and it is 100% due to this app. Again THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH. You have no [idea] how much this has helped us. We have worked on so many dolche words for so many years with no luck for memory or recall until now. A again have hope that my child will learn to read.

The perfect app! (5 star review)
By TheThreeOfUs - Version 1.1 Aug. 5, 2012

I purchased the app for my 23 year old autistic son who has never been able to read more than a few simple words. He loves the app and uses it every day to de-code words. He is fascinated with "text to speech" and this app has provided a key link in developing word recognition. I would highly recommend this app, particularly for adults with developmental disabilities.

Great for students!! (5-star review)
By ILS Lake County Schools - Version 1.1 - July 4, 2012

This app is awesome for assisting students become independent readers. Initially I could not get the audio to work but I contacted the developer to help me figure out the issue. Seems the iPad has a glitch which MUTES som apps, even though the MUTE option is not selected. The way the app breaks down the words clearly showing the blends and digraphs enables students to learn not only the word but the sounds as well. The ability to download additional book titles makes it so that nearly every word my students come across is pronounced correctly in a realistic voice. Great filter for words which should not be said out loud!!! Kudos!!

Makes reading fun! (5-star review)
By eeveland - July 10, 2011

My 6 year old had decided that reading was "boring" and we were struggling with getting her to complete her daily reading assignments. That is until we found the Reading Machine. This application allows our daughter to read on her own and independently type words into the application when she is struggling and learn how to sound it out. It has even helped her with spelling, as she likes to play with the App typing in words. If they don't sound out correctly she knows she has to try and spell the word a different way. Since using the Reading Machine our daughter is excited about reading again and has hooked her 4 year old brother too! Thanks for this wonderful tool!!