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Features and Benefits

  • Reduces frustration for early or struggling readers and gives kids the power to teach themselves to read.
  • Helps children develop a love for books as they're learning to read.
  • Makes it possible for early readers to spend fun time independently with books, especially when parents or teachers are too busy to help.
  • Enables early readers to enjoy fun, real books that they're actually curious about, instead of fake books from boring reading programs.
  • Gives every kid an expert reading helper 24/7.
  • Lets you have more fun reading with your child because your child can use the Reading Machine to figure out words instead of having to ask you for help.
  • Helps break the habit of guessing at words instead of looking at the letters.

Available at the App StoreThe Reading Machine is based on the latest in reading research and neuroscience on how the brain best learns to read.

Once children learn basic phonics, the best activity for reading skills is reading. Now kids can spend more time reading books—on their own or with you—without getting stuck on any words. When they come to a word they don't know, they type it in the Reading Machine. The Reading Machine doesn't just tell them the word: first it shows them how the letters and sounds go together, so they can try figuring it out themselves.

Reading Machine comes with full decoding and phonics support for all the words in over 120 well-loved early reader titles. Older readers can even use the app with the first chapter of Harry Potter. All the words in these books, listed in the app’s Book Sets, have phonics support with clear pronunciation recorded by a natural, human voice.

You'll have decoding support for over 5,000 words, compiled from the words in real, popular books. This set of words includes the 300 most frequent words in the English language, which cover 65% of all English reading material. Use the app’s Book Set lists to find books that best fit your child's interests and reading level. If you don't already own the books, head to the public library (or your favorite book store), and you're all set. When new words and Book Set suggestions become available, you’ll be able to download them for free from within the app.


The Reading Machine also has a text-to-speech function so it can pronounce any word not in its decoding dictionary. That way you can write personalized messages to kids for them to read and they can get help on any word, even names. Try writing clues they have to read to find something you have hidden! Great motivator for early readers!

It's also great for kids who try to memorize whole words or guess at words from the pictures, because they think it's easier and faster than decoding. Too often that's a habit that ultimately leads to poor reading skill. The Reading Machine short-circuits that habit, takes frustration away, and helps kids pay attention to the letter-sound relationships in unfamiliar words. That kind of attention helps kids learn to automatically recognize letter-sound patterns over time. The Reading Machine models the letter-sound (grapheme-phoneme) connection that good readers learn and use to become highly skilled readers.

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