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Here are five quick tips for using the Reading Machine with beginning readers:

  1. Try the "I read a page, you read a page" method. When it's your child's turn, and he comes to a word he doesn't know, say, "Let's use the Reading Machine!" Either let your child type the word in himself, or ask him to tell you the letters so you can type it in. Let your child hit the "Help" or "Repeat" buttons.

    •Note: There are usually two levels of "help" for a word. If your child can't figure out the word from the first level of help, he can hit the "Help" button again for more help.
  2. If you sense that your child isn't quite ready for reading a whole page, just have him read the last sentence, or even the last phrase or word on the page. Work up to more reading in a way that keeps your reading time together fun, not a chore.
  3. Encourage your child to read either to himself or aloud to you while you're doing something where you can't help him. Maybe you're folding laundry, or doing dishes. Give him the Reading Machine so he'll have all the help he needs.
  4. When some children use the Reading Machine, they like having a sticky note to put in the book, to help keep their place when they're typing in a word. Some sticky notes are even transparent and shaped like arrows: these work great.
  5. Let your child use the reading machine for reading other fun things besides the book sets - like short, personalized messages that you write to her, or that another family member has written. Kids love the social nature of writing and want to find out what people have to say. You can even try hiding things (especially special treats) and giving your child written clues to finding them. Start simple, with clues like, "It is on the bed." Give your child the Reading Machine to guarantee that she's successful.

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